$69 One-Day Trip Inspired by “The Beach” Movie in Krabi #106

$69 One-Day Trip Inspired by “The Beach” Movie in Krabi #106


Often referred to the gem of the Andaman Sea,abi in Thailand is undoubtedly a tropical paradise and a hot spot for tourists and adventure seekers worldwide. Inspired by the 2000's movie "The Beach," this article will walk you through a remarkable one-day journey across mesmerizing beaches, clear turquoise water bodies, and the fantastic flora and fauna of Krabi, all in a budget-friendly package of $69.

About the Trip

Perfect for movie fanatics and travel enthusiasts alike, this one-day trip takes you on an unforgettable journey to visit the iconic sites featured in the landmark movie "The Beach," featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. From visiting the Phi Phi Islands to indulging in water activities - this tour offers an unrivaled taste of paradise. The $69 trip ensures an all-inclusive and comprehensive experience of Krabi's unparallel beauty.

Highlights & Places You'll See

The resplendent Krabi serves as a dazzling backdrop to several scenes in "The Beach," and here are some highlights and iconic places you'll visit during the trip.

1. The Maya Bay: This was the main filming location for "The Beach," recognized for its flawless white sand and enclosed by towering cliffs on three sides.

2. Viking Cave: Known for being a birds nest harvesting location.

3. Pileh Bay: A stunning lagoon with crystal clear water.

4. Monkey Beach: As the name suggests, this beach is famous for its friendly monkey residents.

5. Bamboo Island: A paradise with powdery white sandy beaches and transparent water offering stunning views of the underwater coral reef.


The day trip begins with a speedboat pick-up to the stunning Phi Phi Islands. There, you will visit the Maya Bay, where most of "The Beach" was filmed, followed by the beautiful Viking Cave and Pileh Bay - known as the lagoon of the king. Following an on-board lunch, we will proceed to Monkey Beach for some fun interaction with the friendly monkeys. Then, we'll head to the Bamboo Island for some snorkeling and relaxation.

What's Included

The $69 package includes entrance fees to national parks, speedboat transfers, guidance by English-speaking tour guides, life jackets, snorkeling equipment, an on-board lunch, fresh fruits, soft drinks, and insurance.

Dates and Availability

The trip is available on all days of the week, from 8:30 AM - 5 PM. It is advised to pre-book the trip to ensure your slot.

Good to Know

Here are some quick tips for those planning to embark on this adventure.
1. Always stay hydrated and carry sunblock, hats, and sunglasses for protection from the Thai sun.
2. Be respectful to the monkeys at Monkey Beach - do not provoke them or try to feed them.
3. Be mindful of the environment; do not litter or disturb the natural surroundings.
4. Snorkeling is recommended only for those who are strong swimmers.
5. Ensure to follow all safety instructions given by the tour guide during the visit.


This one-day trip inspired by "The Beach" movie in Krabi, Thailand, not only lets you experience the captivating beauty showcased in the Hollywood blockbuster but also offers an invaluable opportunity to get in touch with nature and bask in the glorious Thai sun. At just $69, this trip promises good value for money with an unforgettable experience of Krabi's unspoiled beauty and rich natural diversity. Make sure to pack your adventurous spirit and get ready for a fascinating journey into the heart of the Andaman Sea.


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