Bangkok ranks number 1 as the destination city in the Asia-Pacific for the year 2024.

Bangkok ranks number 1 as the destination city in the Asia-Pacific for the year 2024.

(March 29,2024) Ekavaranayu Amarapal, the spokesperson for the city of Bangkok, that the Bangkok administration is exceedingly proud that Bangkok has ranked first as the best destination city in the Asia-Pacific category for the year 2024, according to a ranking by DestinAsian travel magazine. Bangkok took the top spot, followed by Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, Shanghai, Taipei, and Ho Chi Minh City.

These rankings were based on votes by readers of DestinAsian Magazine and they were announced along with several other categories such as islands, hotels, resorts, airlines, airports, and cruise ships.

In this regard, Ekavaranayu also made revelations about how the city of Bangkok will enhance its tourism, including preparations to provide facilities and convenience for tourists traveling around Bangkok. The aim is to promote tourism in the area and demonstrate Bangkok's readiness as a destination city for numerous tourists from all over the world in various aspects.

1. Preparing for Safety


A coordination centre has been established to assist tourists in Bangkok. Designed as a central point for providing assistance, convenience, and ensuring the safety of tourists at the Tourist Services Building on Phra Athit Road, Phra Nakhon District. Service points have been set up throughout Bangkok, totaling 17 locations. A complaint or safety concern hotline for tourists is available at these service points, numbered at 17 locations, at phone number 0 2225 7612. Social media information is available on our Facebook Fanpage: VisitBangkok.Thailand.

Efforts have been made to promote and increase awareness of tourist safety through several channels, such as our website In addition, Dr. Wanthanee Watana, Permanent Secretary for Bangkok, has tasked relevant departments with preparing to welcome tourists visiting the city.

2. The promotion of tourism and tourism information


Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has published a tour guide of historic districts to cater to tourists, available in both Thai and English languages. The guide covers eight areas: Hua Takhe, Bang Lamphu, Little India, Talat Noi, Rattanakosin, Yaowarat-Sampheng, Talat Phlu, and Khlong Bang Luang.
Moreover, to broadly disseminate Bangkok's tourism publicity, various online platforms have been utilized, such as the Facebook Fanpage: VisitBangkok.Thailand, YouTube Channel: Bangkok Tourism Division, TikTok and Instagram: gobangkok.thailand.
Simultaneously, the BMA has developed the Bangkok tourism website to accommodate tourism information and link data with relevant agencies, providing content in Thai and foreign languages, amounting to no less than three languages in total.

3. Preparing Readiness and Facilitating Convenience for Tourists


Bangkok is developing its basic infrastructure to ensure readiness for travel. This includes the physical development of paths, walkways, and routes convenient for people of all groups, according to the BANGKOK for ALL policy. We organize guided touring activities in the Pranakhon district for groups of people with disabilities, including wheelchair users, at the Ratnakosin Island tourist spot. We are also enhancing a system of signage to indicate and guide visitors to tourist destinations in Bangkok, integrating it with an online system.



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