Booking & Payment

Discover the true potential of AI-powered travel planning to thailand with bingbongAI in 3 simple steps.


1. Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to meticulously plan your dream trip to Thailand. At BingBongAI, we leverage advanced technology to provide you with an optimized travel itinerary that takes into account all your preferences and interests.

2. Once you finalize your plan, simply send it to BingBongAI via email or live chat. Our robust AI platform will go the extra mile to find the most reliable tour operators in over 5000+ locations. This ensures you enjoy a seamless, hassle-free travel experience, unhindered by the typical troubles of finding dependable local contacts.

3. After we present you with our recommendations, all you need to do is confirm your itinerary. What you receive is a unique, custom-tailored travel plan designed meticulously to meet your specific needs, aspirations, and travel desires.


How to Confirmation Trip 

After get your trip plan from AI,  You may ask, "How do I  confirmation trip or booking?" Well, it is simpler than you might think. Utilise the email or the live chat service to inquire about your uncertainties.

1. Emailing Compose your email with clear, concise language and specify all the details you want to know. Always remember to provide a way for them to get in touch with you about confirmation trip and payment methods ASAP.

2. Using Live Chat: The benefit of live chat is instant communication. Just type in your query and wait for a response within hour.


Contacting After-Sales Customer Service

Oftentimes, customers may need more information or assistance after a transaction has been made. This is where after-sales customer service comes into play. This section will dissect how to get in touch with customer service at or through live chat.

1. Emailing Emailing is a robust yet simple way to establish a link with the company. It allows space for a more detailed discussion, enabling the customer service team to offer personalised solutions.

2. Utilising Live Chat: Live chat is an effective tool for addressing immediate concerns. It can provide quick solutions for urgent problems.




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